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Why are we here?

Mum jeans may be in but mum bags are definitely not.

Sage&Luna aims to bring style to becoming a mother. Your hair may be greasy, you might be in your PJs and they probably have vomit on them but damn, your bag is nice.

Designed by a mother for mothers who refuse to lose their style.

Our Story

The day we found out we were having twins is a day that will be etched into my memory forever. We walked out of the consult room completely in shock , the inevitable changes to our lives flashing before our eyes.  

Goodbye Haris the Yaris, my trusty 3 door blue beauty.
Hello Jeep Wrangler! Oh, I’m not allowed a Jeep Wrangler? Never mind. Hello other fancy black SUV. 

Adios lovely little, teeny ,tiny 2 bedroom terrace in Surry Hills. 
Hello 4 bedroom house is the ‘burbs with a huge backyard for the fur babies to run around in. Oh, the pugs are allergic to grass and pollen? Never mind, I’ll have BBQs for my friends instead. 

Seeya later favourite foods and wine. It’s not goodbye forever, I’ve just got to create some babies and then I’ll be back. 

My husband and I set about reorganising our lives with military precision. I ate approved foods while he shopped for a million jumpsuits in every size. He organised the baby shower while I ate approved foods. I ate approved foods while he found us a new house.

It was all going swimmingly until it was time to pick my baby bag; my one job (apart from growing 2 babies at the same time).

My first google search proved fruitless. I must have been using the wrong search words. I tried another search and got the same results. Where were all the beautiful, leather baby bags of my dreams? All I saw were bags I wouldn’t even look at if they were presented to me as a normal handbag. What was going on?

I finally settled on a ‘kind of nice’ leather bag that I told myself would be practical. I was a soon to be mother so maybe I needed to move into another fashion category (gulp!).

My beautiful babies Sage and Luna arrived and after a few days of sheltering in my home, it was time to immerse myself back into the world with 2 babies in tow. I took the girls shopping; out to breakfast, lunch, dinner; to the movies and to the park. In all these places, my style stayed the same as before the girls arrived. There was no new style I had to adapt as my own! I could be a mum and wear my old clothes. Using my old handbags though? Not going to happen. Kids need lots of stuff. 

My brain, a little tired of thinking about baby digestive movements and lactation, went into overdrive and Sage&Luna was born.

I hope you love our bags as much as I do. I use my bag every day and have found it both practical (spilt most of a coffee into mine this morning and mopped it up with baby wipes- wipeable lining for the win!) and beautiful. 

We’ve got more designs in the pipeline and are dedicated to producing beautiful and practical baby bags for mothers who refuse to lose their style.


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