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What to pack in your baby bag

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So, you’re pregnant and everyone is telling you that you need a big baby bag because you will carry so much stuff around when the baby comes. While you smile and nod, deep down you are thinking ‘how much stuff does a tiny human actually need?’….

Here is a little list of all the stuff you’ll carry around with you for those first few months. We’ve also included some of our favourite brands, brands that we have actually used and recommend.

  • Nappies. SO. Many. Nappies. In the early days, I would carry at least 4 nappies per child (I had twins the first time so I carried at least 8 with me). Sometimes babies poo multiple times in a row, resulting in you being in the parents room for longer than you are actually shopping.
  • Baby wipes. I like to take a big pack, not those little travel sized ones. They are just so handy and you quickly use those small packets up. Baby does a poo, use a baby wipe. Baby throws up on you, use a baby wipe. Table at the coffee shop looks a bit dirty, use a baby wipe. See what I mean?
  • Spare clothes for baby. At least 3 sets. Fluid explodes from babies all the time, and a baby who is uncomfortable can only communicate this to you by crying, which is horrible for you, so pack all the clothes.
  • Spare clothes for you. This one might be controversial, but I always carried a spare shirt. I often got baby spit up on me. A quick change of shirt in the bathroom and voila, I still looked like I had it together even though I totally did not.
  • A spare blanket for your baby, incase the one that you are using gets dirty.
  • Breast pads for you, because those things need to be swapped frequently so you don’t get thrust on your nipples. Yes, this does actually happen, it is not an urban legend told to scare women from motherhood. As if thrush during pregnancy wasn’t bad enough, you now run the risk of thrush of the nipple. Thanks world!
  • Bright/noisy toys that will entertain your baby while you are lining up waiting to pay. They always choose to cry at that very moment. Your arms are full of new things for your baby, and suddenly said baby wakes up and lose their mind. Grab a toy and shake, it should buy you a small amount of time!
  • Water Bottle breastfeeding is very thirsty work and so I suggest taking a bottle of water with you everywhere. As soon as my milk let’s down I suddenly feel like I haven’t drunk any water ever in my life, and if I don’t drink a whole bottle right that second I will die.
  • Bottles, formula and sterilised water if you are formula feeding. I think it always best to pack an extra feed when going out. So if you will only be out for 3 hours and your child feeds every 3 hours, then pack 2 feeds. Everything takes longer with a baby in tow and I just don’t think it is worth risking a hungry screaming baby. It’s awful for the baby obvs, but it is also really awful for you.
  • Biodegradable nappy bags. These are handy if you change your baby in their pram. You can put the soiled nappy in one of these and pop it into your nappy bag until you find a bin. They are also handy for any other rubbish you might acquire during your outing.
  • Change mat. Luckily for you, these come with our bags, so if you bought a a bag from us you’re got one in there. They are a lovely soft place for your little cherub to lay while having their nappy changed, rather than the hard surfaces in parents rooms. They are also great for if you need to change in a park on the ground, your baby won’t get dirty!
  • A portable phone charger. Don’t get stuck out and about with no phone charge. What if your baby falls asleep in the car and won’t transfer so you  have to sit in the car on facebook while they sleep? Been there done that. Not worth it. This is why we include a phone charger with all of our bags. We’re here from you babes!
  • A spare dummy. I always said I wouldn’t give my children dummies. Then I had twin, they got a cold, I got a cold, I gave them dummies and I never looked back. There is no shame in the dummy, mummy! If it makes your life easier, use it. If you do decide to use them, make sure you pack spare dummies, as those things get lost ALL. THE. TIME. They are like socks, I swear!
  • Nappy rash cream and baby powder. Those poor little bottoms get so sore sometimes, so nappy rash cream and baby powder are a must. Even if your baby doesn’t have nappy rash before you head out the next nappy change they may have it really bad (It can appear that quickly) so make sure you pack the cream in your bag just in case.

And that, my dear friends, is why you need to carry a large baby bag.

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