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Mother's Day Giveaway for Birthing Kit Foundation Australia

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Motherhood is one of the most rewarding experiences a woman can have. It can also be one of the most challenging, particularly for those without adequate access to the healthcare many of us in Australia take for granted.

That’s why Sage&Luna and Mama Maya teamed up this Mother's Day for an awesome giveaway aimed at spotlighting the amazing work done by both company’s charity partner, Birthing Kit Foundation Australia.

Helping mothers in need

Around 830 women die every day from preventable causes related to pregnancy and childbirth. If that number wasn’t heart-breaking enough, the World Health Organisation estimates that 99% of those preventable deaths occur in developing countries.

Women like Joan, a working mother of two in rural Uganda, are often forced to give birth in unsafe conditions. Healthcare facilities, professionals, and practices that we receive for free in Australia are considered a luxury for a staggering number of women.

Unclean birthing environments, in particular, can lead to infection, serious illness, or even death for both the mother and baby. Conditions like postpartum infection and newborn tetanus are entirely preventable if the right tools are used to ensure a sterile birthing environment.

Access to those tools comes in the form of Birthing Kits. Gauze, plastic sheeting, soap, and gloves all contribute to a safer birth. Cord ties and a sterile blade also ensure that the newborn’s risk of infection or illness is reduced.

Unfortunately, Birthing Kits are often in short supply and are notoriously hard to access, particularly in remote areas. When women can get access to the items in the Birthing Kits, they’re often left in dire financial straits trying to pay for them.

This is where Birthing Kit Foundation Australia (BKFA) comes in.

BKFA partners with local organisations, governments, and health service providers to get Birthing Kits to women in need. BKFA kits are free - provided at no cost to the women who need them.

This beautiful organisation also provides funding for collaborative, sustainable community development projects aimed at improving maternal and newborn health.

All in all, BKFA is an amazing organisation doing essential work to the benefit of women worldwide.

A beautiful partnership

Sage&Luna and Mama Maya have two things in common: gorgeous, quality products and passionate support for BKFA.

Sage&Luna’s beautiful leather baby bags are designed by mothers for mothers who don’t want to sacrifice their style along with their sleep cycle! Partnering with them is Mama Maya, the company that prioritises ethics as highly as quality when it comes to producing their beautiful, multipurpose muslin baby wraps.

Both companies promote BFKA and donate a Birthing Kit for every item sold, but this Mother’s Day, they took their promotion a step further.

On the May 3, the ultimate Mother’s Day giveaway was announced. One lucky person had the chance to win a Sage&Luna baby bag and three Mama Maya wraps of their choosing. Altogether, this giveaway is valued at up to $485!

To enter, participants had to follow Sage&Luna, Mama Maya, and BKFA on Instagram and tag at least one mum. There was a stellar turnout, with over 400 entries.

Today we’re announcing the lucky winner of this awesome competition!

Without further ado

And the winner is: Karen Cowlishaw! Congratulations!

To everyone else who entered, on behalf of all the organisations involved, thank you so much for helping to raise awareness for the essential work done by BKFA.

BKFA envisions a world in which preventable illness and death to both mothers and newborns has been eliminated. It’s a monumental task but as the saying goes: many hands make light work.

If you’d like to lend your own hands to BKFA’s essential mission, you can learn how you can contribute to their cause here.


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